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We provide a fully managed payroll service that guarantees compliance with HM Revenue & Customs payroll and statutory legislation and compliance. Our service is ideal for any business that does not have an in-house accountant.
Our services include;

  • Free Payroll set up
  • PAYE calculations
  • Attachment of Earnings Orders (AEO)
  • HMRC Real Time Information (RTI)
  • Year End and New Tax Year reporting
  • Auto-enrolment Pension support
  • Payroll data and Payslip

PAYE Calculations and Advice

We will provide you with PAYE and National Insurance advice and are members of the Payroll Alliance so can help you with complex issues.
We will also manage and calculate payments including Income Tax (IP), National Insurance Contributions (NICs), Statutory Sick Pay (SSP), Statutory Maternity Pay (SMP). Our PAYE service also includes producing P45s and mid-period calculations for new starters or leavers.

Attachment of Earnings Orders

Businesses with employees may, at some point receive an Attachment of Earnings Order (AEO) issued by a court requiring you to deduct payments from an employee’s wages directly for a outstanding debt, for example child support or unpaid fines. We manage AEOs through your payroll and will provide a report detailing the amounts and reference numbers for the employee affected.

HMRC Real Time Information

Every time you pay an employee you need to submit information to HM Revenue & Customs. Our Real Time Information (RTI) service will ensure your online filing is automatically submitted to HMRC for your payroll on or before payday.

Year End and New Tax Year Reporting

We will manage all the procedures to close one tax year and start the next tax year, which includes producing and submitting P60 and final RTI reports and in line with HMRC guidelines increase tax codes.

Auto-Enrolment Pension support

Most businesses in the UK must ensure they provide a workplace pension scheme. Since this can be a complex and complicated process we can help you set up the scheme to automatically enrol employees and manage opt-outs and opt-ins and provide ongoing support for your scheme.

Payroll Data and Payslips

We can produce payroll reports in PDF or spreadsheet formats, csv/excel and provide all payslips by email in PDF format.