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Tax Returns

We can simplify your Self-Assessment tax return

Preparing a self-assessment tax return can be a headache and very stressful, whether you are self-employed, sole trader, business partner, company director, landlord or an individual with trustee responsibilities. With our help completing your tax return will be quick and simple.

In 2015 890,000 people missed the deadline, and HMRC pursued those who missed the deadline date by only a day or two with £100 fines.

We can manage the whole tax return process for you​ and will check your forms for any inconsistencies prior to it being submitted and ensure you meet the deadlines set by HM Revenue & Customs (HMRC). There are several situations when you will need to complete a self-assessment tax return depending on your circumstances that we can help you with.

  • You’re self-employed and sole traders
  • You’re a partner in a business partnership
  • You’re a company director
  • You’re a landlord or additional property owner
  • You’re receiving additional income from savings
  • You’re receiving foreign income
  • You’re a Trustee
  • You have an income over £50,000 and claiming child benefit

Self-employed and Sole Traders

A Self-Assessment tax return (SA100) is required to declare your liability for paying tax to HMRC. You will need to show what you have earned, how much you have spent and what expenses you have incurred to run your business and for some jobs you may be paid in cash. We will show you how best to record your income and expenses to ensure your records are correct in case HM Revenue and Customs request to review them.

Partner in a business partnership

A Partnership SA800 tax turn is required for the partnership as well as returns completing for each one of the partners. We will complete tax returns for only the partnership tax returns or partnership and all partners.

Company director

If you are a director of a limited company you are required to advise HMRC about the salary you have earned during the previous tax year and any dividend payments you have received. We will help you complete your self-assessment (SA100) tax return, supplementary forms and file the relevant documents with Companies House.

Landlord or multiple property owner

Owning and letting property means you will also need to complete the supplementary page (SA105) to declare property income along with your self assessment SA100. We will advise you about legal tax relief schemes suitable for landlords and additional property owners.

Additional Income from Savings

Depending on your income you may be entitled to earn up to £1,000 a year in savings income without paying any tax. However if you have paid tax on your savings we can help you complete the correct form (R40) and apply for a refund on your savings interest.

Foreign Income

If you are a UK resident and have income from abroad you will need to ensure that you complete and submit a supplementary tax return Foreign (SA106) form with your self-assessment return. Whether you earn foreign income from property abroad or investment funds we will look at legal schemes to help you ensure the income is taxed efficiently.


If you have been appointed a Trustee you have certain responsibilities in relation to the investment of the trust fund.We can help ensure your personal tax liability is not affected by the investment of trust funds and can advise on Bare trust, Discretionary trust, Interest in Possession trust or Settlor-interested trust.

High earners child benefit

If a household income is over £50,000 and you claim child benefit you will be required to pay a ‘high income child benefit’ charge. We have solutions to help higher earners to reduce the benefit charge and help you keep more of your child benefit.